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At Harrisons Recruitment to Recruitment, we believe Recruitment Consultants are the key to all successful recruitment firms. To us you’re the most important asset we have. So don’t beat around the bush if you want us to take you out for a coffee or lunch. Our job is to understand you and your requirements and to deliver the best Rec2Rec (Recruitment to Recruitment) jobs available locally and internationally.

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International R2R Recruitment

We care less about what you call it... Recruitment to Recruitment, Rec to Rec, Rec2Rec or R2R. We simply care for what we deliver and take the time to get to know you and your requirements. We look beyond just skills and experience to headhunt the Recruitment Consultant YOU really need for the Job. Read More...

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Honesty, Transparency & On-Time Delivery

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from... we guarantee the R2R service you receive from us will always be exceptional. We strive to blow your mind with open, honest & clear guidance allowing you to make your own decisions without feeling any pressure (unlike some other Rec to Recs). Contact us now and witness a refreshing approach to Recruitment to Recruitment (Rec2Rec).

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Harrisons Recruitment want you to understand that most Rec to Rec Jobs are not advertised on the web, instead Recruitment Agencies (Our Clients) tend to come directly to us expecting a discreet headhunting service from our recruiters. You can see some jobs below; but for full visibility do call one of our experts today. You can always expect a discreet and professional service from us. P.S. we now cover other sectors including Engineering Jobs, IT Jobs, Sales Jobs and more... Read More...

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Harrisons Recruitment take the time to understand your Rec to Rec recruitment needs. We look beyond just skills and experience to headhunt the right type of person for your business. A large proportion of the recruitment consultants we work with tend to be happy in their jobs and are by no means active job seekers, so our job becomes to present exciting R2R Job opportunities to them so they take a keen interest. And with this, we only work with top exciting recruitment agencies. Get in touch to tell us your story... Read More...

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    About Us

    Harrisons Recruitment are a specialist Executive Search Headhunting firm based in London. With over 25 years experience within the Rec to Rec Recruitment sector, we specialise in delivering top recruitment talent worldwide ranging from Trainee Recruitment Consultant Jobs to Recruitment Director Jobs across a number of sectors. Our clients are truly international with Jobs across UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Dubai, Singapore etc...

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    Harrisons Recruitment are specialists in Rec2Rec and now also cover jobs for other sectors including Engineering Jobs, IT Jobs, HR Jobs, Sales Jobs and more... becoming a one stop shop for all your recruitment needs.

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    Meet The Team

    With over 25 years of Recruitment to Recruitment (Rec2Rec) experience between us, we truly believe in getting to know you and you knowing us.

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    The Companies we have helped

    Since 2006 we’ve helped hundreds of Top National and International Recruitment Agencies find top quality Recruitment Consultant’s and choosing us as their exclusive Rec2Rec partner.


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    Address: Harrisons Recruitment, Transputec House,  19 Heather Park Drive, London, HA0 1SS

    +44 (0) 203 589 4839



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