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At Harrisons Recruitment we value our recruitment consultant candidates and recruitment agencies (clients) in equal measure and both are held in high regard. We work hard to understand you and your requirements

As a rec2rec (R2R) agency of choice, the secret to our success is not just in delivering on your requirements for your dream recruitment job, but also our ability to coach and mentor YOU throughout your recruitment job search process.

Free Consultation, Career Advice, CV Tips & Interview Preparation

We offer all our candidates a no-obligation, personal and confidential consultation. During this session we help you to identify your key skills, strengths and weaknesses, sector knowledge and natural pathways into alternative job roles, whilst matching your values with those of potential new recruitment agencies - ensuring a long term successful match.

Because we meet you personally as part of your individual consultation, we can offer honest and effective career advice about your jobs in recruitment, using our knowledge and networks as experienced recruitment consultants, our selves. We then move onto helping you rewrite your CV so it’s optimised for the recruitment jobs you are seeking and coaching you through the expected interview cycle enabling you to maximize your chances of success while delicately negotiating the best offer possible.

Once Harrisons Recruitment confirms either a first round telephone or face-to-face interview with the client, we provide a ‘mock’ interview preparation at our office in front of two senior directors who will assess your interviewing technique and subsequently provide you with constructive feedback to enhance your chances for a successful outcome at the live interview stage. Our unique interviewing preparation is vastly appreciated by graduates through to Senior Managers and has increased interview success rate by over 35%.


It has been well documented that too many R2R agencies fail to provide a personal touch to their candidate service! Harrisons Recruitment ensures that we provide the following candidate care: regular communication at every step of the search process, consistent friendly approach, constructive interview feedback whether it was successful or not. Most importantly, when you commence with your new employer it is our duty to keep in contact with you and make sure you are content in your new career!

Our job doesn’t just end with getting your that dream recruitment job, our aftercare service ensure that you achieve greater success throughout your career.

Top Recruitment Job Opportunities

Because we operate with only the best recruitment agencies and recruitment consultant’s
worldwide, the majority of our placements are truly unique opportunities crafted to suit the individual companies and candidates. Therefore, it is unlikely that they have been advertised anywhere else. Since our inception, we can boast of a high retention rate; meaning that a high percentage of our candidates are still in the same jobs that we placed them in many years ago. Many of which have now become our clients as they have risen through the ranks.

Looking to work internationally?

The recruitment agencies we work with are truly international, with recruitment jobs currently available in UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham...), Germany (Munich, Frankfurt), USA (New York, Texas), Amsterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and other international locations.

Looking for Jobs out of Recruitment?

We have recently expanded our recruitment teams to handle candidates looking for jobs in other sectors such as; Engineering Jobs, IT Jobs, Admin Jobs, HR Jobs, Sales Jobs and many more...

Our Promise

We promise that we will never share your details with anyone without your permission. We will always be honest in every aspect of the recruitment cycle, provide you with real and qualified job roles, maintain regular contact with you and always give you the best coaching and interview preparation available on the market.

If you would like to arrange a consultation please contact us today or register using our website


  • Free CV review
  • Free Consultation
  • Career Advice
  • Salary Review
  • Career Coaching
  • Interview preparation and techniques
  • Discreet Move
  • Team Moves
  • Market Mapping
  • Access unadvertised jobs


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