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At Harrisons Recruitment we value the recruitment agencies that request to work with us. We take the time to get to know you, your business and to understand your recruitment requirements. We look beyond just skills and experience to the type of recruitment consultant you need for your role.

We won’t waste your time by putting the wrong recruitment consultants in front of you. We are here to match the right recruitment consultant with the right job, ensuring that there is a good match with personality, culture and vision.  We will always be transparent, open and honest with you, not just throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle, but throughout the working relationship.  Our market knowledge and geographical reach supported by the quality of our service ensures we are ideally placed to work with you to achieve your recruitment goals.

Sourcing Model

Sourcing of recruitment consultants begins by networking, referrals, advertising and passive search methods; matching recruitment consultants to recruitment jobs and ensuring quality is paramount. We interview recruitment consultants using our vast experience in screening and assessing the recruitment consultants motivations and matching them with recruitment consultancy jobs. Our Headhunters speak to and meet with recruitment consultancy’s Directors in London and worldwide, to discuss their internal recruitment strategies ensuring that we deliver quality and talented recruitment consultant’s that match their internal recruitment jobs.

Niche focus

Our specialist Headhunters seek recruitment consultants within a niche specialism if possible. Because of our focus, we often strive to produce superior results due to our ability to channel our resources into networking for a very specific skill set. This specialisation allows us to offer more recruitment jobs for their specific demographic which in turn attracts more specialised recruitment consultants. Furthermore we are focused on building ongoing relationships with our experienced recruitment consultant’s as it is very common the same candidates are placed many times throughout their careers and thankfully they enjoy our service, efforts and expertise so always come back to us for their recruitment job search.

Established International Rec2Rec / European Rec to Rec

The recruitment agencies we work with are truly international with offices in London, Germany, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, Singapore and other international locations.

The European recruitment marketplace provides an attractive remit for the Recruitment to Recruitment (Rec2Rec) industry. Despite the recent unstable European economy, recruitment agencies in regions such as UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and the Nordics are actively recruiting for the most talented recruitment consultant’s. Harrisons R2R has specialised in the provisions of talented and specialist recruitment consultant’s for Executive Search & Recruitment Agencies based in UK, Europe, USA, Dubai and Worldwide since 2010. Due to our research and end-to-end recruitment process, we have expertise and knowledge of the working culture, best practices and compensation packages offered by most recruitment agencies in Europe. We also provide Talent Acquisition projects for UK Based Recruitment Agencies seeking to start-up a new operation in Europe specifically Germany, Netherlands, France and the Nordic region.

Executive Search

Our Headhunters typically have a wide range of recruitment consultant’s and contacts within UK, Europe and Worldwide recruitment agencies. With our meticulous research we have detailed, specific knowledge of various disciplines; and typically operate at the most senior level of executive jobs in recruitment, globally. Subsequently, Harrisons Recruitment are also involved throughout more of the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting Executive Search Consultants and Recruitment Consultants to clients efficiently. Executive Search firms and Recruitment Consultancies can be reassured that our Headhunters will aim to meet all stated requirements and match to your remit and company culture.

Retained Search

Harrisons Recruitment offers a contracted service for senior level search for recruitment consultancies in UK, Europe and Worldwide. We maintain an on-going exclusive relationship with our clients whilst conducting specific senior-level search assignments on a retained basis. Typical salary start from £50,000 +; Harrisons Recruitment retained search fees are typically 30% of the annual compensation of the senior appointment. Fee payments may be made in three stages: 1/3 paid on initiation of the search, 1/3 paid on shortlist of candidates and final amount paid upon placement of the candidate.

Contingency Search

Harrisons offer an end-to-end recruitment search and will accept the full payment at the appointment of the successful candidates. Our fees are typically from 20% to 30%  depending on the search criteria.

Graduate / Trainee Rec to Rec (R2R) Recruitment

Harrisons Recruitment also focuses on Graduate / Trainee Recruitment within the Rec2Rec (R2R) industry. Graduate / Trainee Recruitment Academy, provides university graduates and trainees an opportunity to understand what a recruitment consultant does and what a career in recruitment is all about. We stress on the good and bad and train them to become successful recruitment consultants. Our solution also focuses to promote recruitment consultant jobs to graduates who are considering career options. Our academy helps the graduate’s job search by implementing a selection method utilising CV and interviewing techniques, role plays and training.

Recruiting in other areas?

We have recently expanded our recruitment teams to handle non Rec2Rec requirements, so if  you’re looking to recruit and fill jobs in other sectors such as; Engineering Jobs, IT Jobs, Admin Jobs, HR Jobs, Sales Jobs and many more…

Please contact us to discuss further.

Quality Assurance

All our candidates are pre-interviewed and pre-qualified for your role. We only place Recruitment Consultant’s from our referral network; i.e. those we have worked with and who have a proven track record. If we cannot provide a consultant from our network, we will undertake appropriate background checks from those we know and trust.

If you are looking for the right candidate, with the right skills and the right personality, please contact us with your requirements.


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